Our coaching allows you to have confidence to be creative in the approach to overcome personnel issues, and trust the team to take on complex problems. We offer subscription based plans on coaching and mentoring that supports you on putting Agile and Scrum effectively in practice in your company. Take the knowledge learned from the coaching and introduce them to your team. Make use of the follow-up tools and resources provided. As a side note, you can discuss details and needs with us, the same for custom training or coaching at your location or company. We will be glad to help. Please give it a shot and email us at

Value proposition

Be confident on Agile and boost your career. Adopt Agile properly and effectively so you can make a huge difference to your company. Immediately apply the Scrum methods you learn. Lower the operational costs of your software development. Increase your team’s productivity. Apply our expertise to your business for a higher ROI. Release properly tested products on time. Receive practical suggestions spoke from firsthand experience. Receive tools for solving critical business issues while we provide value-add to you.

We provide a clear thought process so you can understand Scrum as a practice and apply it to your team, in current and future projects. Start the path of evangelizing Scrum in your company and to work it with an effective methodology. Fresh-up your skills and establish scrum in your development process. Retool and optimize your engineering processes and customer lifecycle management. Put the Scrum framework concepts and process into practice immediately.

– a unique and refreshing approach to coaching and mentoring.
– oportunities to get the practical experience you need.
– our staff of Agile thinkers, pragmatic coaches and trainers, very straight-forward with honest opinions.
– how to handle yourself in real life project situations using the framework.
– examples of what has and hasn’t worked for people in the past, and use these examples to teach your team the general concepts behind Scrum.
– our dedication to help you to achieve your goals.
– and take advantage of our knowledge base, including Agile and Scrum project management and practices.
– a realistic view into Scrum and our innovative method of teaching pushing you to think out of the box to solve common Agile caveats.
– a very good insight to conducting Scrum projects effectively.
– not only the essence of Scrum, but how to manage and deal with people when introducing and managing Scrum.
– insight into the realities and complexities that you will face in trying to implement Scrum in your company.
– how to avoid and work through many hurdles and frustrations that may arise using Scrum.