uberleeto. Agile and Scrum, training and coaching.


Scrum is all about collaborating attitude and bringing best out of the team you are working with.

We are:
– a grand network of Agile Experts acting as partners with our clients.
– a tool, a practical resource, providing valuable guidance, on which you can work with.
– an asset to any project seeking to be agile.

We offer:
– Agile and Scrum trainingconsulting (coaching and mentoring) and practical support.
– all consulting with practical experience and real life examples, making the learning experience very pleasant and effective.

For who

Regardless of whether you have prior exposure to Agile and Scrum or not, our training will be valuable to you. It was designed for any role, as Scrum instructor, Agile coach, product owner, scrum master, business analyst, developer, tester, team member, manager, product manager, engineer, consultant, business leader, executive. It can be truly awesome especially if you have experience with scrum and know the basics already. Because you can then take the most knowledge you can from our staff. We know that even if you might have been doing agile development for several years, this course is still both fun and useful.


Many companies that claim to be using Agile and Scrum pick and choose only the more convenient aspects of the methodology. Leaving out the inconvenient or uncomfortable parts can be what holds back the overall organizational development. Experience an appreciation for what it can be like when all the rules are followed and a self managing scrum dev team emerges.

We are:
– completely committed to preparing you for success before, during and after the training.
– successfull when you not only learn more about Agile and Scrum methodologies, but are prepared to apply it in practice.
– facilitators and mentors of Scrums.
– very thorough and detailed in training and coaching.
– extremely personable and willing to help with any questions you might have.
– very knowledgeable on the subject and make sure that you have a good basic understanding through practice and feedback.
– extraordinary savvy and have the ability to cultivate in you the process of obtaining and retaining critical knowledge for working with an Agile software development team.
– engaging and informed coaches who enable you to learn by immersion in the process from the beginning.
– excellent instructors who tailor the consulting to your needs.
– instrumental in providing the expertise, guidance, and support to you so you can build an Agile project team.
– skilled in successfully managing the training environment to drive you in the rapid acquisition of knowledge while minimizing real life interruptions.

We have:
– an amazing capacity of seting down to the ground examples, making the experience an excelent ride for your money.
– training mastery and vast depth of experience and yield appropriate analogies.
– a time box for everything and hold you accountable for the actions and activities.
– skills to cover a great deal of directly and indirectly related topics in various depths.
– knowledge about Scrum and real life experiences, in simple and complex situations.
– an extensive knowledge of the subject and are comfortable discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the topics being presented.
– skill to motivate you to actively participate in Scrum sprints during the course.
– a mix of real world and life examples, classroom activities, and a constant classroom interaction, to explain the Agile roles and methodology.
– a multi-modal form of training that inundate you with multiple ways of absorbing the material.
– a hands-off approach that allows you to discover your own insights and learn by doing.
– team exercises mentored so you can gain the attitude behind Scrum practice.

We provide:
– lots of in-the-field examples of Scrum implementations, and caveats, in different organizations.
– answer to questions related to personal experiences in trying to implement Agile and Scrum practices.
– services to any individual or company that is looking to gain competitive advantage through the use of Agile techniques to deliver business value.

We allow you to:
– grasp the concepts quicker and relate them to the work done on a daily basis.
– have out of the box thinking, hands-on experimentation and engage on discussion.


Our global community interacts virtually on a daily basis. We exchange news, data, and share real world problems and solutions that challenge the projects we handle or are shared to us.


From time to time we gather our network as a webinar or a day event. In there people can exchange information and solutions and discuss how their companies are handling Agile and Scrum. We consider it a support to a really effective Agile Experience.